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Pictures & Hearts is the brainchild of award-winning Sydney fashion photographer Amelia Soegijono.  Her love for the art of photography began at the tender age of 11 in her very first ‘shoot’ involving a dress-up game with her younger sister and a borrowed camera! Since then, this incredible love affair with photography has taken her on a remarkable journey from her humble roots in Indonesia and Singapore, and eventually across continents to New York and Australia.  She is currently residing in Sydney and travels frequently wherever beautiful love stories take her.

Amelia was an active fashion advertising photographer and had worked on campaigns for companies such as SUPRE, FORCAST, etc. for several years and has won numerous accolades for her work and in 2008, she was nominated for Australia’s Top Photographers award. In 2009, she decided to make the leap into wedding photography and has not looked back since. Weddings swept her off her feet and took her on a remarkable journey capturing the most beautiful love stories around the country and beyond.

Over the years, her growth in professional photography has been strongly influenced by two brilliant mentors, Eryk Fitkau and Jose Villa.  These two legendary figures have helped her to define her inner canvas and she continues to reinvent herself through her unique interpretation of visual art. Amelia’s work is emotive and each frame tells a story. They resonate with her love for dance and fine art. Amelia shoots still frames mostly through the medium of film and her images are effortlessly lyrical and full of poetic symmetry. Her vivacious personality allows her to readily engage and connect with her client and she strongly believes in sharing the same vision in order to create the perfect platform for producing exquisite art. Besides wedding photography, Amelia is also available for lifestyle, editorials and beauty-inspired advertising shoots.

Her family is her inspiration and when she is out of her studio, Amelia can be found at the local park with her husband and her son cycling, feeding the ducks and enjoying those special moments.  Stories about human spirit and strength inspires Amelia and she is passionate about making a difference. Because of this, a portion of Pictures and Hearts’ earnings goes to beautiful charity organisations who make it their mission to turn this world into a better place.  We continue to support Compassion, Australian Cancer Research Foundation, Vision Rescue and Hope 103.2, Unicef, A21 and many more.  Amelia is very humbled and grateful that her clients and herself forms a natural partnership that makes a positive difference in this world, one love story at a time.

” We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love.”
Mother Teresa

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As a photographer, I aim not only to capture a moment in time but to create and emotional reaction.  Only then, has each image truly fulfilled its purpose…

– Amelia Soegijono